OpenCL acceleration is add to TDD FDD LTE-Cell-Scanner

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(And see also latest progress: Whole 20MHz config LTE signal is decoded by HACKRF 19.2Msps with ASN1 SIB parsed)

Hello there,

New features comes to

  1. Now MATLAB isn’t needed. All in C/C++. All you need are rtl-sdr dongle and Linux computer. TDD and FDD are both supported. External LNB/Mixer (allow mixer and A/D use non-coherent clock sources) is also supported.

  2. OpenCL parallel computation is supported! It searches per frequency point in

0.5s (desktop i7-3930K 6 cores@3.2GHz) 22x faster! or 2~3s (ThinkPad T410 i5 CPU M520@2.40GHz).

Intel, AMD and Nvidia OpenCL SDK are tested. Acceleration ratio is gotten by Intel SDK.

Nvidia GPU hasn’t reached so amazing acceleration ratio. It maybe because of slow PCI-E and memory. I haven’t found time to optimize on that.

Another open source OpenCL lib pocl - Portable Computing Language ( is also tested, and it seems as fast as Intel’s! (See video I attached in the end.)

  1. Some improvements on algorithm. Higher sensitivity and more robust.

video (out fo China):

video (in China)

Have fun with LTE. Have fun with OpenCL!


Jiao Xianjun (Ryan)

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