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MSV-ATC卫星移动通信技术研究 全文


焦现军 曹桂兴


摘 要 介绍了卫星移动通信的最新技术——辅助地面组件(ATC)。ATC技术主要由美国 移动卫星风险公司(MSV)研发,它是用于卫星移动通信系统的一系列新技术的集合,代表了卫星 移动通信的最新发展方向。采用了ATC技术的卫星移动通信系统可以为密集城市和室内用户提 供通信服务,从而实现卫星移动通信真正意义上的无缝覆盖。文章主要从发展历史、系统原理和关 键技术三方面对ATC技术进行了研究。

关键词 卫星移动通信 ATC最新进展

Introduction of MSV—ATC Technology in Mobile Satellite Systems

JIAO Xianjun CAO Guixing

(China Academy of Space Technology,Beijing 100094,China)

Abstract:Ancillary Terrestrial Component(ATC)technology,which is a powerful candidate of future mobile satellite systems(MSS),is introduced.ATC is deVeloped by Mobile Satellite Ven— tures(MSV)Corporation and represents a group of new technologies involved in MSS. The group of technoIogies give the MSS ability to serve subscribes in dense urban and indoor environ— ments,and bring the ubiquitous coverage of MSS into reality. We study three aspects of ATC: development history,system principle and key technologies.

Key words:MSS;ATC;new development

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