LTE Cell detected in Beijing China

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LTE-Cell-Scanner tool: Whole 20MHz config LTE signal is decoded by HACKRF 19.2Msps with ASN1 SIB parsed. Find field samples in regression_test_signal_file directory at

Freq plan according to

OP China Mobile China Unicom China Telecom
TDD LTE 1880-1900MHz, 2320-2370MHz, 2575-2635MHz 2300-2320MHz, 2555-2575MHz 2370-2390MHz, 2635-2655MHz
FDD LTE N/A 1955-1980MHz(UL), 2145-2170MHz(DL) 1755-1785MHZ(UL), 1850-1880MHz(DL)

New deteced:

China Telecomm:

frequency mode #RB CID #ANT Ports
1852.5MHz; FDD; 25RB; Cell ID 271; 2 ANT ports;
1865MHz; FDD; 100RB; Cell ID 86, 48; 2 ANT ports;
1867.5MHz; FDD; 75RB; Cell ID 54; 2 ANT ports;
1871.75MHz; FDD; 25RB; Cell ID 271, 272; 2 ANT ports;

Former result:

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